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This Romantic World part 2

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Bro this shit is so weird 

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My brother in christ, this is as normal as it gets

Can anybody remember the name of that one comic on this site that's about 100 pages and it has a female fox and a male rabbit and the male rabbit fixes up her house. It's also set in the south if that helps.

Nevermind (by Nirvana), I found it. It's called Mr. Hare.

How the hell has it still not been updated. I've been waiting for 5 months and there hasn't been a sigle new page.

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Never read part one and I won't read this one either probably for the next few years.

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ah shit forgot to log in.

I've never read part one, im just "too lazy" to read a 300 pages porn comic.

Kind of lame tho

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Can you believe it guys? This romantic worl part  is out. I am so excited about this information!

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I cant believe the same person who has voiced Captain Qwark since the original in 2002 voiced Doktor from MGR:R I fucking laughed seeing Qwark and Doktor on the same page

Pave 9 is an insult to all warriors, no warrior would allow their opponents  breast distract them in combat a sin of combat(a deadly one)

I just managed to cut myself with a fucking sausage.

It fell, I caught it, but the dry end of the skin landed wrong and drew blood in the palm of my hand.

Shits got me like *It hurt itself in its confusion*

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Fuck Off!!

Yeah thats exactly what I yelled to the sausage!

And then I ate it out of spite.

The sausage won in the end.

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top shit

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This aint that good.

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are you fucking retarded